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Nobella Alpacas has purchased the business formally known as Cabin Cria-Tions.  We are now taking orders and will work to fulfill your orders as quickly as possible  Currently we are filling orders within 7- 10 days.  We will utilize the same quality materials you have come to expect when you order a Cabin Cria-Tions Coat.
We have added two Llama sizes to the coats sizes we offer!
When To Coat Your Alpaca

  • What to consider.  How cold are your winter months?  How much fiber does your alpaca produce?  Your alpacas age and weight?  Not all alpacas should be coated.  If you coat a normal healthy alpaca that really doesn't need it, you can run the risk of your alpaca sweating, and getting pneumonia. 
  • We would suggest coating an alpaca that may not produce enough fiber to stay warm, an older alpaca, a thin alpaca, and crias.  You will often see these alpacas shivering when it gets cold.  Shivering to stay warm can use more of your alpacas energy, and take away from what your alpaca needs to maintain weight.  
  • You can also check with your veterinarian to see what they suggest.
  • We would also recommend placing your hand between the alpaca and the coat to check body temperature daily, and make sure they are not to warm. 
We offer our coats in two different weights

Medium Weight Coats:
For our medium weight coats we use a traditional midweight thermal fleece.  It's thin, lightweight, and in terms of polar fleece ratings, it is considered a 200 weight.  We use Malden Mills polar fleece.  They rate their fleece in catagories of 100 wt, 200 wt, 300 wt, with 300 wt being the heaviest of the thermals.  The medium weight coats are traditionally used by breeders in climates that do not get the harsh cold cold winters and heavy snow. They are also used by breeders who are in those colder winter climates, but are coating an alpaca that may not require as much help staying warm as an older alpaca, thin alpaca, or cria.
Heavy Weight Coats:
For the heavy weight coats we actually do use a medium weight fleece, it is our specialty Malden Mills fleece (due to licensing reasons we cannot use this polar fleeces technical name).  It is relatively the same thickness as our traditional medium weight fleece; however, Malden Mills considers this a "micro fiber" fleece.  The micro fiber fleece is 95% windproof according to their standards.  It is a tighter knit fleece compared to the regular medium weight, and is yet highly breathable.  This fleece would be used for alpacas that need the most help to stay warm in a cold wintery snowy climate.  Alpacas that don't produce alot of fleece, an older alpaca, a thin alpaca, and crias.
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